NEMA Enclosures

Our standard enclosure is rated NEMA 3R. Other enclosures are available. Let us help you specify the one to meet your exact needs.

The various enclosures are defined here:

Type 1   General purpose – indoor
Type 2   Drip-proof – indoor
Type 3   Wind blown dust and water – indoor/outdoor
Type 3R   Rainproof and sleet/ice resistant – outdoor
Type 3S   Dust-tight, rain-tight, and sleet/ice proof – outdoor
Type 4   Water-tight and dust-tight – indoor/outdoor
Type 4X   Water-tight, dust-tight and corrosion resistant – outdoor
Type 5   Dust-tight – indoor
Type 6   Submersible, water-tight, dust-tight and sleet/ice resistant – indoor/outdoor
Type 7   Class I, Group (S) A,B,C and/or D – indoor hazardous locations, air-break equipment
Type 8   Class I, Group (S) A,B,C and/or D – indoor hazardous locations
Type 9   Class II, Group (S) E,F and/or D – indoor hazardous locations –
air-break equipment
Type 10   Bureau of Mines
Type 11   Drip-proof and corrosion resistant
Type 12   Industrial use dust-tight and drip-tight – indoor
Type 13   Oil-tight and dust-tight – indoor