Energy Efficiency

Transformers that meet the C802.2 standards

Designed to supply a lower temperature rise (operating temperature) in order to give a safety factor on the transformer. This type of transformer is designed oversize.

General application and required where low heat dissipation from the transformer is needed.


  • Higher efficiency than with the conventional transformer
  • Core entirely bolted to reduce the vibrations
  • Fast investment recovery
  • Core and enclosure heating reduction
  • Noise level reduced

In January 2018 the province of Ontario started requiring units delivered meet new Reg. 404/12 efficiency levels. These levels are harmonized with the USA DOE-2016 levels. As of May 1 2019 all of Canada will require these same levels of efficiency defined in the updated C802.2.14.
The Canadian regulations also require manufacturers to have the efficiency testing verified by an independent testing facility. Jefferson units are labelled showing ETL verified or CSA verified, complying with this requirement.

See our White Papers on our compliance with the updated regulations here:

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