Seismic Rated Transformers

Many construction projects and their components are now required to be “seismic qualified.” Places like healthcare facilities, emergency response locations (fire stations, police stations) and other critical government facilities may also be required to be “seismic qualified.”
A seismic qualification ensures the component will withstand and operate after an earthquake.

In order to verify our seismic qualifications, our transformers went through rigorous testing, meeting the International Building Code (2015 IBC) and the California Building Code (2016 CBC) requirements. Each test was passed in accordance with ICC-ES AC156 seismic qualifications.
The list to the right are the models that have passed the tests.
As required by the California Office of Statewide Planning and Development (OSHPD), seismic testing must be completed by an independent laboratory. We chose Tobolski Watkins Engineering Inc. for testing. Results are filed with OSHPD per OSP-0109-10.