Medium Voltage Transformers


An economical and environmentally friendly alternative to liquid filled for industrial facilities and large commercial applications.

Designed for indoor or outdoor installations.

Wide voltage class range:

  • 5 kV Class: 150 to 10,000 kVA
  • 15 kV Class: 150 to 10,000 kVA
  • 25 kV Class: 300 to 10,000 kVA
  • 35 kV Class: 500 to 10,000 kVA


  • NEMA 1-rated enclosures
  • Energy efficient (meets DOE-2016 or C802)
  • 60 Hz operation
  • Aluminum windings
  • 150ºC temperature rise, 220°C insulation
  • Miter/step lapped core construction

Features, Functions, Benefits

  • Custom, application specific designs 
  • Vacuum Pressure Impregnation process ensures the encapsulant penetrates windings and eliminates air pockets. This improves mechanical strength and heat dissipation, prolonging the life of the unit.
  • Custom terminations

Options and Accessories

  • NEMA 3R enclosures
  • 50/60 Hz optional
  • Custom kVA and voltages
  • Copper windings
  • 80°C and 115°C temperature rise available
  • Lightning arrestors
  • Neutral grounding resistor
  • Digital thermometer and monitor
  • Forced air cooling
  • Multiple secondaries
  • Rectifier, excitation and mining duty
  • Non-linear load (K-factor)
  • Kirk Key interlocks
  • Enclosure filters
  • Space heaters
  • Ground bus
  • Thermocouples



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Built in accordance with NEMA, ANSI, UL and CSA standards