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K Factor Transformer

The K FACTOR TRANSFORMER is an isolating transformer that can be loaded at 100% of load plus the harmonics load without overheating. The losses generated by the harmonics can be calculated by multiplying the K factor by the stray losses. The K FACTOR is derived from a mathematical formula, which states that the eddy current losses in a transformer will be increased in direct proportion to the sum of the percentage current at a given harmonic level multiplied by the square of the harmonic order.

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The K FACTOR TRANSFORMER is used for non-linear loads. With the arrival of computers, faxes, printers and variable speed drives within the modern day business centers and industry we encounter harmonic problems. These loads are very non-linear and cause a non-sinusoidal waveform rich in harmonics.

The harmonics of most concern are the 3rd, 5th and 7th, causing serious problems with electrical office equipment and with power distribution systems.

These harmonics cause the following conditions:

  • Overheating of the transformer : these harmonics increase the stray losses by a factor, better known as “K factor”, and these additional losses increase the temperature of the unit.
  • High current in the neutral wire of the secondary transformer due to the presence of tripling harmonics as the 3rd , 6th and 9th . In the worst situation this current can be as high as 200% of the nominal current.
  • Blowing of breakers or fuses at or below recommended current.


Technical Drawing

K Factor : 3 Phase

K4 Factor

K13 Factor

KVA Cooper (BC) Cooper (BC)
15 BC3015VK4 BC3015VK13
30 BC3030VK4 BC3030VK13
45 BC3045VK4 BC3045VK13
75 BC3075VK4 BC3075VK13
112.5 BC3112VK4 BC3112VK13
150 BC3150VK4 BC3150VK13
225 BC3225VK4 BC3225VK13
300 BC3300VK4 BC3300VK13

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